Rack Rental

In2dab is delighted to present an outstanding opportunity for rack rental services. We offer the flexibility to lease space within our cutting-edge racks, strategically positioned alongside our transmitter and crucial infrastructure.

This offering is tailor-made for radio station operators operating from remote studios or those desiring close proximity of their playout system to the transmitter. It provides a reliable and effortless approach to station management.

Our pricing structure is highly competitive, starting at just £35 per month for 2U, with an additional £15 per month for each additional U.

Experience lightning-fast, full-fiber connectivity, delivering impressive speeds of 25Mbps for downloads and 5Mbps for uploads. Furthermore, you can secure a static public IP address for a mere £25 per month.

We understand the importance of cost efficiency. Electrical usage is billed based on your meter at the current market rate, which is presently set at 0.51p per KWh, subject to market fluctuations. We are committed to promptly adjusting the rate in response to any market price reductions.

To ensure the continuity of your operations, we have installed a robust 6KWh UPS system, complete with auxiliary battery cells to extend runtime during unexpected power outages. Our facility is fortified, secured, and continuously monitored via CCTV. Access is strictly granted through scheduled appointments, guaranteeing the highest level of security.

In the unlikely event of out-of-hours emergencies that require the presence of a keyholder, a modest call-out fee will be applied. This fee is designed to provide you with the security and support you need outside our standard business hours.

And, of course, all our packages can be tailored to your specific requirements. If you need more space or faster fiber, please do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized quote.