Welcome to IN2dab LTD Bedford

IN2dab is Bedford's Digital Multiplex Company

Moving with technology and the times Bedford is part of the new local DAB network being rolled out across the UK. This brings a new Local DAB Multiplex to the town, meaning there is a lot more choice on your radio. This gives any existing broadcasters or anyone who feels they can take up the challenge to run their own radio station the opportunity to do so, We started broadcasting on Febuary 10th 2024!

If you are a Broadcaster or are interesed in starting to Broadcast , please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Non-profit organisations with a studio located within the blue polygon may be eligible to hold a C-DSP licence. Other services, regardless of studio location, can be broadcast under a DSPS licence information about this can be found on the ofcom website


Expect outdoor predicted coverage to be greater.