C-DSP & DSP License Prices

Reserved CDSP capacity
Unreserved capacity
 Quality (Bit Rate in Kbps*)  12 Month Contract (Paid in advance)
 12 Month Contract (Paid in advance)
 32  £1000 £1664
 40  £1250 £2080
 48  £1500£2496


Prices are correct at time of publishing we reserve the right to change these at any time due to increased costs incurred by in2dab, or reduced costs where we can lower the price. These prices assume you are sending a quality stream to in2dab that is broadcast ready i.e., already encoded in the correct format with your text and picture ready to be fed into the multiplexer.

If you need help with this, we will be pleased to help you, we can discuss the best most economical solution for you and help you get on air. Please contact us.

Policy for allocation of capacity on Bedford DAB multiplex

All services must accept In2DAB Ltd standard terms and conditions to broadcast on the Bedford DAB multiplex, which are issued with each invoice. Invoices must be paid in full before broadcasting can commence. All services must be appropriately licenced by Ofcom.

Under the terms of our Ofcom licence, we must reserve five 48kbps slots on our Bedford DAB multiplex for Ofcom licenced C-DSP services. The five C-DSP slots must be reserved regardless of whether or not this capacity is fully occupied. If a C-DSP service using reserved capacity elects a lower capacity than 48kbps, then the net difference will be kept vacant to comply with our licence terms. Capacity will first be allocated to services that agreed to be a service provider on our original Ofcom application (these stations we refer to as 'bid partners'), provided they launch on the multiplex by October 2023. Reserved capacity will then be allocated on a first come, first served, basis. Once the five C-DSP slots are occupied, then any subsequent slots used to C-DSP services will be on unreserved capacity. To be eligible to be a C-DSP service on the Bedford multiplex, Ofcom must have licenced the service as a C-DSP for Bedford. A C-DSP service from another area, must obtain a DSPS licence from Ofcom and our applicable DSPS tariffs will apply.

DSPS services shall pay the applicable DSPS tariff. Capacity is allocated on a first come, first served basis.

There will be a maximum of 29 slots available on the multiplex (comprised of at least 5 C-DSP slots, and the balance a combination of C-DSP and DSPS slots, subject to capacity). In the event that the multiplex becomes oversubscribed, then stations wishing to join will have their interest kept on file. As capacity subsequently becomes available, then In2DAB Ltd, will, at its sole discretion, select a service that it feels will enhance the range of digital radio services available in Bedford.